Do people like it or find it annoying when you greet them in live chess?

oregonpatzer, very funny. Did you win, lol?
oregonpatzer wrote:

Five minutes to play a whole game doesn't leave much time for chat, but if it's the opponent's move and he doesn't do anything for 30 seconds, I might say something.  Last night I asked a guy "How's the weather in Namibia?"  In the past, I have asked questions like "Is it true that the women in your country can get pregnant just by holding hands?"

That's so witty!


10 minutes or less a game I would find a freindly "hi" an annoying distraction. For longer time controls I welcome some chat

Some players like to trash talk during quickly clocked games. I am one. Surely, no one is surprised by that?

I do think a friendly greeting and then a "good game" at the end is good, so that is what I do.


I enjoy a nice hello, but I'm <600 points so no one wants my opinion


Just to clarify for everyone, by "Live" I meant vs daily chess. It's all still online.


 I think its fine.  just being amiable is not rude in any way.  if they don't respond and you aggressively insist on chatting with them when they are just trying to ignore you then that would be rude.  maybe they got harassed and just don't want to deal with it, or whatever.  some people just don't wanna talk or aren't even paying attention.  doesn't hurt to reach out though.