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does anyone know?

  • #1

    does anyone know were chidori is he hasnt been on for four days?

  • #2
    the question it does any one care?
  • #3
    I was just wondering...
  • #4

    We do care because he's in our online group, so we are wondering where he's disappeared too.

  • #5
    Hes also an online friend of mine!
  • #6
    hope he is alright
  • #7
    don't worry i know he has to be ok
  • #8
    You guy's are getting me worried about this guy !
  • #9
    Now I'm really worried...
  • #10
    I would like to know if heas ok but...we don't know any thing.
  • #11
    he got on a wile ago but it appears i wasn't on so.... he should be fine.
  • #12

    online group? hope chidori comes back soon...

    can i join the online group?

  • #13
    Sure you can more the members the better.
  • #14
    thanks, rich
  • #15
    and we are trying to go for more members right now so thats great.
  • #16

    hey, chidori's back! he logged in just today!

  • #17

    Currently in THE SEARCH FOR CHIDORI...

    I've spotted chidori again! He was on Saturday, purpose unknown...

    I haven't been able to make contact with him yet...

  • #18
    me eather he isn't lisening to any one i know that trys to contact him. i've tryed to contact him too.
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