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Explanation and controversy!

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    Explanation and controversy!

    I am "abandoning" games by correspondence think it just arresting the person to the site such as "today I have to move if I do not lose by time", but the live games are not like that. I still play to defend the group both riders as the Beatles.

    I have given up many games because of this, let go of the site!

    In live games appears the problem of use of a computer program, to be honest I do not think many people have evolved in so little time! For me it is more than clear that the site punishes members who do this, which leads them to open another account and return to the site, saw a cycle!

    Again members of chess.com not evolved, they are just using the program to gain scores and tournaments!

    We are not machine!!

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    What a wonderfully passionate, if incomprehensible post!  Do we have Google translate to thank or is this all your own work?

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    Lets see you draft a post in Portuguese, baddogno :p

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    well said peanut. as regards the blog i can sympathize, but here is only place for me to play chess so i will suffer the cheats 

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    Please keep defending the Beatles, even if chess.com has evolving people.

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    Looks like I'm in the doghouse again. Embarassed  You folks are right of course.  Minor sleep deprivation is no excuse for a churlish and uncharitable post.  To all who were offended I offer my sincere apology.

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    this is a provocative and controversial topic and thread. I can't decide how I feel about it all

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    its  a personal prefference as to making moves under duress i come on every day i look forward to moving , thats what its all about. 


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