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Extended "Fun Statistics"

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    How about some extended "fun statistics"?

    - total # of moves in all games

    - total number of opponents played against

    - total numbers of pawns captured

    - total numbers of castles built (small ones / big ones)

    - total numbers of pawns morphed (then a "+" for accurate numbers on queens, towers, jumpers, bishops and pawn-to-pawn-morphings)

    - total number of bad jokes posted during the match? 



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    Are you talking about statistics for our "email chess" or just chess in general? If you are talking about our email chess feature, the staff here are working hard to improve things day by day. Right now there are so many different things they are working on so it may take a while to see some more improvements. But of course we thank all of the chess.com staff for their hard work!


    If you are talking about just interesting chess stats in general then you might consider contacting 'billwall' I know he is an expert in this area with little fun stats about chess.

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    no I'm talking about fun statistics for email chess. That would be really interesting :)



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