Funny Memory Moment


Here's something funny which just happened to me and I felt like sharing xD

Ever have a moment where you think you would be "too op" (overpowered) if only you weren't weak in other areas?

Normal rated rapid chess grind and in my first game, I'm about halfway through playing this game:

I then randomly think, "I think I recognize this username. Have we played a chess game before?" Mid-game, I click their username and see that yes we have played a game before. I make a mental note to check that game after this one finishes.

Here is the game date today (don't look at the game itself; we both missed chances).

Look at the game date. Today. 2024, March 2nd.

Now look at the game date from when I played them before: 

2021, October 23rd 

lol Of course I lost. Why else would I have recognized their username from 3 years ago? Sometimes my mind surprises me. I think I'm going to be like @Hikaru and start recognizing chess tournaments I've been to based on the types of chairs the venue has grin.png


😂 pretty funny post. Was your account new when it did -25?

RWChess2 wrote:

😂 pretty funny post. Was your account new when it did -25?

No, I think I was transitioning from blitz to rapid back then. I created my account in 2017, but in 2021, I used to play 1. e4 e5 with black. My repertoire has changed since then. The rating may have changed more because of time control shifting or because of me experimenting with my opening repertoire.


I only remember opponents who have beaten me.. I hold special grudges against them.. But they leave my head once I beat them enough times lol

So yes.. People I destroy first hand don't even get recognised.. Because they worthless to me.. Jk lol


Happens a few times to me as well...when playing against someone I recognize their username and see I have played them before (multiple years ago)

Except sometimes it's a game I won, sometimes I bias here happy.png



KeSetoKaiba wrote:

(don't look at the game itself; we both missed chances).

It's a good thing you mentioned this, because I was gonna be all over judging you for missing chances.




I often look at random chess games or watch online games and think to myself ¨Hmm... I feel like ive seen this before, and turns out it from some random blitz game i had a year ago, or a GM game i looked at online.

I think this starts to happen to people the more and more they practice and study chess. When you study chess you are forcing your brain to exercise its ability to remember.


kaiba vs yugi chess when???

PotentiallyAli wrote:

kaiba vs yugi chess when???


Hmm 🤔 interesting