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SoupTime4 wrote:
LeeEuler wrote:

You misunderstand. I almost never message anyone, I was looking for examples of when people are intentionally rude to you in the chat for no reason only to have it backfire or something of the like

Like Post #2 said.  You enjoy seeing people unhappy/miserable.  Turn off the internet, and read a book for awhile.

Negative. I enjoy a chat-less game or one in which I compliment my opponent (or vise-versa) for unexpected moves. Enjoying seeing people unhappy/miserable would be to relish in beating a kid OTB and seeing him cry, or to play against somebody who says "darn" after they loss. That is a far cry from finding it humorous when people break the rules of by taunting/stalling in games for no reason. I am not a very strong player for example, so to be accused of cheating when something like 1/5 of my moves are blunders would display ignorance or hubris, not misery.

Other good examples are shown above. Playing into racial/national stereotypes (anat743) or having your opponent not realize forced draws are a good defense (checkmateohwait) fit the bill for me at least.