Get loaded and marry her...

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    red-lady wrote:

    I get all these friend requests from guys with a harem. Does that count too? 

    hahahahaha   me too!  I do have to say....since I changed my avatar to Miss Piggy  the emails have stopped.

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    Dont worry. It is not your sex appeal. We all found out that you are married to Fozzy Bear... Kiss

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    at least it's presented as art. i think it's a shiny golden mess.

     per the article, "The sculpture is really about whether we make images or they make us. It's about trying to live up to impossible dreams and immortality."


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    You must have then a nice spam blocker. Congratulation.

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    schlechter55 wrote:

    You must have then a nice spam blocker. Congratulation.

    At second read, he did mention his mailbox, not e-mailbox. That might be an explanation.

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    I-eat-guini-pigs wrote:
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    Lou-for-you wrote:

    I received a couple of mails today with fantastic opportunities. I cannot go for them myself, but can give you the details if you are interested.

    The first one is from a notary and he wants to send me 50 million dollars from a rich woman that died. Money does not interest me and i get plenty of similar mails. Anybody interested?


    Then there is this stunning girl that prays every day to find a warm home and a loving husband. She just needs some assistance for coming over. Anybody?


    Then there is the job of your life. If you want a guaranteed job at MI5 in the uk, for a small fee you can participate in the exam and you are assured of the job.


    Am i the only lucky person or can we share some opportunities?

    Yes, yes you are.

    It might have something to do with your outstanding I.Q. score. 62 might be a record. 

    We are looking into it. Meanwhile, hold tight. Send us $100 US and we will forward you our personal investigation report.


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