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GM Ipatov to Conduct Regular Simuls on Chess.com!

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    Hey Everyone, 

    Realizing that we don't *currently* have an official structure for announcing events in Live Chess that aren't direclty related to Chess.com/TV - I am posting a forum to get the word out!

    GM Alexander (Sasha) Ipatov - World Junior Champion and recent runner up in Death Match 12, will be performing regular, bi-weekly Simuls on Chess.com! The dates for the first four are set in stone here:

    14th April  19.00 UTC+3
    28th April  19.00 UTC+3
    12th May  21.00 UTC+3
    19th May  19.00 UTC+3
    We are calling them "Simul Sundays, with GM Ipatov!" -- Other dates will be announced in THIS thread as they become official.  
    • At the start time advertised, GM Ipatov (TheGadfly1897) will create 1 seek at a time for the time control of 30 minutes + 30 Second Increment;
    • The Simuls will be open to the first 10 players to accept his seeks;
    • To avoid "auto-abort" GM Ipatov will play the first few moves on each board before creating the next seek/starting the next game;
    Please post any questions here!
    A UTC to GMT to EDT converter can be found here http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/edt-to-utc-converter
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    How I can enter simuls?

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    Great opportunity for all of us :)

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    This is great news, thanks for such an invaluable opportunity! But I wish there were some other way of determining the participants. For example, the first 10 users to post on this forum thread. Smile

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    what time are they EDT time?

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    Is that 11:00 pm EDT?

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    well 1900= 7pm

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    WE shouldn't have to be finding out the time.It should be listed accordingly

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    Yes, great news! Do please post the EDT time as this is confusing - thanks!

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    Sounds good!

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    Simul will start in 5 minutes. Feel free to join! Don't hesitate to check out my blog : http://blog.alexipatov.com/

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    First simul has ended with score 7-3 without draws. Next simul will take place on April, 28th at 7pm GMT+3. Everybody is welcome!

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    i want to join. this is interesting game

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    Challenge me eh.

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    utc +3? What time zone?

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    This sounds like fun.

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