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    what about Georgian?

  • #22

    what about arabic ? I can help for sure

  • #23

    I am a Native Russian speaker. Will be glad to help!

  • #24

    to je pa dobro

  • #25

    hehe... you're very clever managing your resources.

    glad to help :)

  • #26

    I would like to have Turkish and for that I can help.

  • #27

    Very nice initiative, but no Romanian? We are number one in national teams... A lot of paying members also... And a big number of free members too :)

  • #28

    If you added Bulgarian to this list, I am sure my fiancée would help! It is, after all, the language of the soon to be champion ;)

  • #29

    If danish gets added to the list at some point I will be happy to help.

  • #30

    No Arabic either...

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    Good luck = bonne chance

    Good game = bonne match

    Hi = salut

    i'm learning French so I don't know anything else

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    I can help with Serbian laguage.

  • #34

    I wish Icould help,but Ispeak my native language poorly enough...but gl with this worthwhile project.

  • #35

    i can speak Swedish, and Persian olso with English. and my mother's language is Kurdish but there is no Kurdish language olso here Laughing

  • #36

    I know how to translate into Russain but i have to use russain letters

  • #37

    Well, I speak some German, but I am VERY far from a native speaker, so I guess I'm out. :P

  • #38

    i know hindi... which is spoken more than spanish. why isnt hindi on the list?

  • #39

    Je parle francais! (I speak French)

  • #40
    John_H wrote:

    No Arabic either...

    I saw that also, not that I'm wonderful at arabic I'm still learning.


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