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How many people have left the site since the change in format?

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    Click HERE for your answers!

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    the big green box tells me that there have been 3031 new members in the past 24 hours. that wasn't my question

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    there were a few members carrying on about how horrible the new format is; sadly, most are still here.

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    i already know of about 20 who will not be renewing their subscriptions when they run out, so you might get your way eventually

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    Nah, they're dumbos.

    They don't know chess.com has got all the features it had back in the old version and is fixing all the bugs.

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    when? it's been a month and a half so far.

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    I dont know about old / new format but I am a recent re-convert back into the chess world. I stopped playing after highschool and was just recently reminded how much I love the game.

    As for the site, I came from checccube... wont be heading back anytime soon. It's "slick", for sure, but I like it here better for the more 'advanced' options. Chess mentor, tournaments, correspondance chess ('online') and the videos aren't "rented". Granted you need to be diamond to get them which I wasn't "thrilled' with but I sucked it up and frankly dont regret it.

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    gambit-man wrote:

    gee, thanks for that, i will forever be in your debt.

    recycled joke:-

    [Edited by Moderater - Lewd]

    OMG, really?

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    gambit-man wrote:

    when? it's been a month and a half so far.

    You missed a lot of things then. :/

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    Yeah that was pretty lewd ...I don't think I could be associated with this thread anymore ,that Panda guy is like 14 years old and you've probably ruined his innocence now...that's the Internet for ya ,kids should be outside ,playing catch,now the damage is done!

    lol, what about yours? can't get away with telling jokes about mantlepieces, surely?

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    Some kids are extraordinary.. they play the TRADITIONAL kind of Chess.

    Well, some adults are, unfortunately, too stupidly imaginative.

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    nice one chris, a star wars panda!

    is that green thing it sits on some kinda flying transport?

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    -waller- wrote:

    Come on man, it doesn't take much getting used to. When it first changed people were inevitably up in arms about it, but after a week I think most people started to realise that it's as easy as the old one. Who woulda predicted that. It's just a bit of practice. You'll be fine. Anyone that leaves in rage because of it just needs to chill a bit.

    There's still a laundry lists of bugs, incompatibilities with browsers old and new, and stuff that's simply gone. (latest item: average time per move. Used to be included in stats, no-where to be seen now).

    And the question is not how many people have joined or left, but how many more would have joined or wouldn't have left if the change hadn't been made. Under the old format the site was growing handsomely as well. Yet now I can imagine that anyone who doesn't use Erik's favorite browser will give a pass on it.

    Last but not least: if you want to build a solid customerbase, be careful with your existing longtime customers. There are enough of them who are still galled by the continuing presence of bugs and oversights.

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    gambit-man wrote:

    @waller - there really is more to it than just getting used to new things. do all the functions you used in the old format still work? there's nothing you can't find?

    @snake - i would have laughed if your joke was funny, but it wasn't. by all means crack jokes as you wish, but they've got to be funny to make people laugh

    It was funny, he is alway funny and if you had a sense of humor you would realize his quick off the wall wit.  Man you need to loosen up and find some humor in life. 

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    gambit-man wrote:
    Hydra wrote:


    On the chess.com main page:


    top right, it says we currently have 5,036,355 members

    also here: http://www.chess.com/members/

    It shows that 3031 members joined in the past 24 hours.



    3031 joined in the past 24 hours, how many left?

    the site currently has 5,036,355 members, how many were there when the change was made?

    Should be 7,000,000 by year end.

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    Kay...Irishman gets shipwrecked on an island ....wait ,Scotish guy gets shipwrecked on an island , after months he wakes up one morning to find a full equipped life boat on the beach ,state of the art. What does he do?

    He pops it and uses it to filter his booze.

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    ilikeflags wrote:

    there were a few members carrying on about how horrible the new format is; sadly, most are still here.


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    i think this thread is what sent chubbychococat over the edge.

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    I see, gambit man and DrPhill still beating about in the bush huh. 

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    We should do a poll!

    Did you leave the site after the format change?

    A.  Yes.

    B.  No.

    It'd be interesting to see if someone says yes.  I mean, they shouldn't be on the site anymore to see the poll, right?


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