How to deal with toxic players?


There are always rude people whatever the game, just go with it


The abuse of terms and words in languages is nothing new, but got worse with the Internet. Imo.

Words used figuratively, like "toxic", are then used again in a furthermore figurative way derived from the first figurative way (which makes it already very vague), and replace words and terms that do already exist and are, actually, much more efficient and precise to describe a person or a situation.

What is toxic, originally means what does poison your body.

Then, and that I understand, it has been used to describe a relationship where two persons will keep hurting each other (usually in their feelings) until, possibly, the mental health of one of them (or both of them) gets threatened.

What I don't understand so well, is the use of "toxic" to describe someone being merely annoying, gross or rude. With "toxic", one can't know which the person proved to be. And maybe it's not always exactly the same thing, and then doesn't call for the exact same reaction... Idk. (and hey, is a beatup "toxic"?)

One of the ideas implied by the figurative use of the term "toxic", is that it doesn't show at first, that the thing, or the person, is harmfull. But maybe I'm wrong.

Well, if, in the end, everybody and everything will be separated between "toxic" and "non-toxic", one could aswell just say "bad and good" don't you think?

Anyhow, it's nothing important, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject, and I do apologize if some will find it off-topic, boring, or... toxic? (lol).

Storming2Knight wrote:

I ran into a toxic player I won that game with time then a couple minutes later I received a message from that toxic player the message he (or she) sent made me think of going to lichess (thankfully I recovered and I might stay on this website) the message said this "duh I just keep playing hoping I win on time even though I play like cr*ppp."

should I tell you the username (I prefer not to)


Tell them to cope then block hem

While they laugh in your face for not coping you can feel like you said something good blocking is a useful feature lol


best to just ignore them, if all that's keeping you from not closing the chat is what they think if you close it then just close the chat anyways.


I won a game in the chess variants page then this guy said "**** you"

[Removed; KL] fair play\abuse\moderators do something to this guy

(Block and reported him)

{very furious face}


dont reply, u can block or report them for this behaviour




How to deal with Toxic Players? The same with Toxic People.


Removing isn't always the best way what if they decide to attack you


Would it be a toxic discussion within a toxic topic about some toxic behaviour from a toxic player?


I always mark them as a bad sport and report for abuse. Don't know if that actually does anything thought a few people in this topic noted bans happen frequently.

I think most of it is trash talk meant to out-psyche their opponents. It's usually a crying face emoji after they make a good move. Childish and unprofessional either way.


Ok mattfix will do next time


Say: "Chess is hard enough without the extra drama, right?"

ChessMasteryOfficial wrote:

Say: "Chess is hard enough without the extra drama, right?"



Personally I like the I'm blocking& reporting this meme.