I beat Rael on time at 0:00!!!


Rael and I were playing a game of blitz and being excessively talkative. After I made my last move he still had around one minute on his clock, but instead of making his move he decided to point out the fact that my clock had no time left.  We laughed at it until it was too late, and I won on time with literally NO TIME left! You have to have lightning-speed reflexes like me to time your move on the exact moment the clock turns to zero. Good job distracting yourself Rael!  Tongue out


Haha this was too funny. I had what looked like a minute and a half on my clock and I was up a bunch of material, and we were right in the middle of a conversation so I decided to wait on it (which is silly, we could've kept talking after the game finished, of course), but when we saw that his time was 0:00 we started to discuss whether we could get the first ever draw on time! which would've been all sorts of epic.