I must be getting (too) old: sandbagging, really?!!

I just report everyone I lose to. Maybe four, three times a month I will get a email from saying they banned someone but wont tell me who. I go in my games history and look for the circle with the line through it in their name and laugh. They do, do a decent job of catching people.



Usually when I lose, I don't blame the opponent but me. It is a nice attitude. Just because you cannot keep up with their play it doesn't mean that they are cheating, just that they are playing better than you.


It's also good to look at how many blunders you made if you lose.


Just a heads-up on the kind reply of the guys from

First of all they removed the sandbagging flag. A closer look at my games revealed that I'm not intentionally losing games. So, issue solved.

Furthermore, they said that they are tweaking the parameters of their system to be better able to finetune who does and who don't need to be flagged. I trust this is a complicated and delicate proces, but at least they do what they can to make it as good a place to play chess as they can. And that's what does matter IMHO.

So, team: a big thanks and CU @ the chessboard!

Kind regards 


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