IE Users - Page Spins/Loads Forever


I just wanted to see if any other ie users out there have the specific problem/behavior on pages where the page never seems to finish loading. The ie/spinner just spins and spins forever and in the status bar below usually it says "waiting for 1 item". I get this behavior on maybe 10% of my pages at seemingly random times and doing a refresh on the problem page usually fixes it temporarily. And I guess the ultimate question is, any tecnical people out there have any tools or that will help us resolve this issue, to determine whats not loading or what ie is waiting for.


Hi, this is happening to me too. When I try to go to the live chess link the loading symbol just spins and spins. What could cause this? 

I've tried opening it in Mozilla and Chrome.

I am using opendns but I saw on a past post that should fix a dns problem not cause one (if that's the problem).