ie8 and redesign

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    How many of you are using ie8? What do you like or do not like of the redesign in ie 8 ? Why not choose another browser?

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    I use IE for general as a general browser.

    I keep the Firefox, which I don't like, for those agresive/annoying websites that I like to visit.

    This website is a firefox website. Some of those adds are really... something. And There are ways to get to remove them, or at least to block most of their "interactivity" whiout having to pay premium.

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    upgrade to IE9 is free. 

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    Ok, I understand it is new. How is it better?

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    Its a higher number.

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    ivandh wrote:

    Its a higher number.

    Laughing,   and to htvavidht, IE9 is faster, stable and smoother.  

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    Sounds like you are  talking about moonshine.

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    isn't that what you want for your bribe in the CPOTM along with blonde ? Wink

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    I dream with a costumizable browser.

    I mean, one where I can chose the contents and the presentation of the contents I want to.

    Untill this day this is let to webmasters to decide how they want to present their websites, I want to be able to decide how I want to see them.

    I actually want to be able to build on the home page, witch now it is just a blank page. So I can have an area that alerts me of new e-mails, an area that shows me the online chess games I am playing, also some news... and the so.

    So I feed the home page with the usernames and passwords and all that stuff and it just browse several diferent websites and feed the areas on the website, all presented under the template I want.

    Think this is difficult to archive?

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