Images aren't loading... anybody else experiencing this?


With this compromised display issue, is not worth playing at this point.   I cannot play, I cannot do anything on this site.   Where do I go to get a refund on my subscription payment inasmuch as I should not be paying for this crap?


I have similar problems plus all boards and all areas around are completely black. I am in Canada and it started yesterday morning.  


Agreed. Me too. Different browsers, different laptops, different OS. No updates to my Win7 machine in a long time either. Same on my brand new Android phone.


i have no boards.  last night i had no boards and no kings.  kings are back but not the boards.  help?



I'm one of those Canadians with no images. Sorry.wink.png wink.png had a similar issue maybe two weeks ago that was fixed in only a few hours that had affected a smaller number of members. This issue apparently is due to a server that delivers the images to those affected. Canada and Portugal are two places with images not loading properly or at all. There are a number of these servers around the globe to transmit images to players with less lag as distances are kept shorter.

If you wish to play daily games, try changing the pieces to 3D to get them to display, I don't know why, but it worked for me. No board, but at least I'm getting pieces. Oh well.....



   I had the same problem loading pics in my Pet thread. It seemed to clear up when I re-freshed the page.


Looks like it's workig now thumbup.png

PeterJKovacs wrote:

Happens on all browsers on multiple computers:


Home page seems fine but it happens when I try to play a game... the board is missing! I'm also experiencing missing images right now in the forums as well. I live in Canada so maybe issue with CDN provider.

I’m haven’t  experienced that


You can turn on the 3d modelled board in the board styles as a temporary fix until they sort this out. (or play on a certain other website)


Yes....It is back to normal except in my case all background remains black and dark brown but the boards look OK.    


The main issue should be fixed now. Clearing your browser cache may clear out any other problems.


I can confirm that it is fixed in Portugal as well. Thank you for the quick fix.


First of all, the fix was not quick for me, -  it started yesterday morning. However, everything is relative, of course. Second, - the images are loading unusually very slow which, I guess, means they are still fixing the problem.  


Playing from Canada no problems using Microsoft Edge