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    I mostly play chess on an iPad. Since ios7 was introduced, I find that chess.com has become very jerky and 'sticky'. Does anyone else experience this, and if so is there anything I can do? (Please don't turn this into an Apple vs Android debate; that's a separate issue).

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    My phone which runs Android 4.1.2 runs the chess.com app just fine. Tongue Out

    Don't worry--my 3rd gen iPad on iOS 7 does as well, so no Apple v. Android debate here.

    What generation is your iPad? 2nd gen iPads are having lots of trouble with iOS 7...

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    I think the ios7 made older devices run slower. My friend upgraded to 7 on his mac and videos don't run that smooth anymore. My iphone also seems to be running slower since the update.

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    It is a 2nd generation model, so that probably explains it. It's a devilish trick to make us upgrade! Unfortunately my iPad is owned by my employer and my chess isn't their priority.

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    I have the mini iPad Gordon and it seems ok... what I can't believe is that your employer doesnt have their priorities right :)

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    Thee is another update avalible now ios7.2 which fixes little glitches and stuff and runs ok Smile

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    Cheers baz

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    Ios 7 was really meant for the larger devices like ipads and what not, Ipods and other devices recieved the short end of the stick, I suggest waiting for chess.com to update the app, or play on the computer. 

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    Yep, it is an iPad I use.

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    gbrown057 wrote:

    Yep, it is an iPad I use.

    What generation?

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    See above

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    Ah, I see. Well I suggest double clicking the home button, and clearing the cache by dragging the old windows up to close to apps. 

    I'm assuming your ram is too low, that is the only logical explanation 

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    Check to see if iCloud is off too. That may cause the device to run slow.


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