Is it possible for me to become a master at my age of 30?


Sorry, you asked about master, not GM. It’s certainly possible. But even then you need both hard work and talent. Even if you work hard you may fail.


Thank you everyone for the input.To me it does not matter if it is possible or not.Bottom line i will try to  be the best I can be in chess,no matter if it is master or not.


I think the bigger problem is probably, and I say this as someone that started playing in my mid-30s, is playing enough tournaments to actually get the norms required.

yes though, it is possible. Rani Hamid of bangladesh started playing at 34, she's won multiple british chess championships, bangladesh tournaments and is a WIM. Which is about equivalent to FIDE master, stronger than a Candidate master. While not a grandmaster this is an incredibly strong player.

I do think you're probably going to need elements of luck, I'm a bit lucky as my job allows a lot of free time, I actually took up chess, about 9 months ago now, because I wanted something to do in quiet periods and I have a 30 min commute to work. I think I end up playing/studying chess nearly 20 hours a week.

take it 200pts at a time though, just enjoy it.


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Candidate master is easier to get than any other title because there are tournaments that offer it.

Not saying that i'm a 1500 tho