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Removal of offensive content from a forum

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    I found that comment a bit offensive personally - and rather imprecise, as it would still seem that I may have a couple of other talents... :-)

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    @ltude, I was referring to astronomer's post, not the original post that started the whole row.

    As for the original post, it was in very bad taste, but it was not condoning naziism. I have no problem with it being deleted though.

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                           Let me try this for discussion. Bill Mahar is in the business of giving his opinions, as is Don Imus. When Imus gave "his opinion" about a female basketball team, he lost his show. When Bill Mahar gave "his opinion" about 9-11, he lost his show. Did anyone over-react??  Did anyone cross the line??

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    I think that this is all about the right to use force. 

    People instinctively protest, without thinking it over, whenever force is used by anybody. Force had been too frequently abused - but obviously, it must be used from time to time if one is to live at all. 

    All of education tells us, that we always need to refrain from use of force - but this causes paralysis and apathy, and indifference to wrong acts which happen right under one's nose. 

    Of course, force and its use are a double-edged sword, and carry heavy liabilities when misused. 

    But still - correct use of it changes things for the better. It takes some elementary understanding in order to be able to actually do it, in a safe way. 

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    TheRocketKing wrote:
    Kasporov_Jr wrote:

    I like how foreign people come to an American owned website, and try to push their censorship agenda that most countries have.



    free speech, if you dont like something then either ignore it, or debate it. I do not know how things are run in your country, but here , we value these rights.

    LOL it's hilarious that you name all non-americans as foreigners. You are even more crazy then i thought, so funny hahaha

    well this is an American created & owned website, so any non-american players in this website are considered '' international ''.


    if I went to an an Indian chess website, obviously I would be considered foreign there in my case.

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    A day and a half to remove offensive material seems to me quite a good standard.

    Faster still would certainly be better and if you offer your services as a moderator, keeping all the posts here in review for as many hours in the 24 as you can spare, that will be a help.


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