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new Format, yet Back.

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    Hello, you are speaking with me....

    So I was one of the Banned ones, and so .. Went to the Tarrasch Chess GUI ( non-Trained Position, Shuffle Chess [no Castling], one Remise )

    And Played.....
    And now I want to play with People.

    I thought I would come Back anyway. 

    Found out that Beta was not Beta anymore.
    Die-Tried to find another (...), but was always something I Disliked ( very much ), or something not very Practical ( Java. What if goes Broken one day or I am somewhere without Java and cannot get? Stratagy huh ), or something that didn't felt right, or Aggressevive, ' Shiny ', walk-by Coloured Advertisements at Caissia's WebPage, or it was Payed ( Paying is nearly always a problem with me if not neccessary, I am a Perfectionist and thus Paying Chess means [ Chess is Equal to Live ] and furthermore, is not very Smart of me if do so in my Situation.... ) and more...

    Well, it took me all day long ( litteraly, that's a Downside, I am Stupid in trying to solve Problems for hours and hours and even Days ), and I was thinking about.... here.

    But still not went to here
    Quite whoedjie ( link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfw9a9Ww2hw ).

    So played with Rybka the SlaughterLady again and, not to forget, Learn Chess Theory ( not openings, is Diffecult with me though, two Fires )

    And so? What, how many?

    About 4 Weeks went by and than, Today, did that Stupid Strain again and still everytime something or a couple of ( many ) things not so ( very ) good.

    Than found a link of Someone Review all those (...) Sites ( Outdated though ), only very many much.

    Hmm... Hmm...

    Registered at some and still not good.

    And than is the Point where I now give up, Enfin, fall on my Knies for Erik and Kohai, and the one with a  moon Wolf-Signature ( but not MoonWulf the Greek was playing against ).

    There might be a Potential one in wait, however please Bare with me, I am out of Power and Posibilities now, I do not know >>>> what to do. >:{

    Going along with ctrl+MouseWheel is Zooming out of Safe-Mode.

    And I am tired so not so good Grammar and Spelling and Interpunction. and it is funny, and, foremost or so, don't forget what I have done today.

    My knies already hurt either, I think. I have Headache also.

    Have to get some sleep, we will start with .1.


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