NOTICE: will be OFFLINE for ~60 minutes tonight


Due to the enormously positive response of all of the members and visitors, we have to move our servers to a bigger data center. This is a one-time event and should take less than 60 minutes to complete. It will happen at 10PM PST (-0700).

There will be a status page online that shows the situation, and if you are dying to get back online, then you can just leave that page up and it will auto-refresh every few minutes until the site is back up :)

If you are running low on time in any of your games, please make sure you select the VACATION setting in the email chess settings.  

Everything else will be normal when we return!

I hope the transition to the new servers goes smoothly :)
Yes, I second that Andy. Although I will be sleeping at that time, so no worries for me  :)
OMG you can't be down an hour, I'll go thru chess withdrawal! Surprised

Quick suggestion, some people don't read stuff here - (I know, I am tempted to say, they will learn their lesson!) - is there a way to stop the chess clock for the time that the move/transfer will occur? (I hope it is not a big technical thing... or that it is going to mess things up.) That way nobody loses on time because they didn't read this post or they didn't act on it. If you can't stop it, may be set it back an hour then fix it later. I feel like there is a way...

My $0.02.

chessiq - i wish it were that easy, but it isn't :) i'll look into it more...
Don't sweat it. It was just an idea.
update - sorry, the site is going down at 10pm, not 9. :)
Site will be going down any minute.
thanks guys! everything is up and running smoothly... :)