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Outright Bribery

  • #1

    Flagrant bribery - there are no other words for it - it's shameless.

    There are now 1,993 views on my Profile Page. Whoever becomes the 2,000th person to look at it, and (this is the important bit) tells me that it was they who did it, will be given a trophy by me.

    And if you're looking for a club to join, "Troll University" is friendly despite its name.


  • #2

    h'mmmm, I was # 2006.    when # 2000 saw you, is that when you changed into a mooo cow ???? ......lol....

  • #3

    I did this when I was at this point wink.png

  • #4

    Are you really that vain?

  • #5

    Says the man dressed as a Super Hero.

    I bet you think this thread is about you, don't you, don't you. 

    (13,000 views on your Profile is quite impressive, are you famous?)

  • #6

     hehe wink.png I've never heard of him. 

  • #7
    Me neither !
  • #8
    Heather hello ! A question for you darling, is the “ Troll University “ animal friendly, I need to know, before I decide whether to join. grin.png

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