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I am trying to figure out how to create a private room for a student and i to use for private lessons here on have a platinum membership, do i need to upgrade in order to use this feature?

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Colin Stapczynski


I kinda thought platinum was high enough. I go into live chess (not the simple version), go to the "Events" tab, and click the 'make analysis board' button. You can make it private or public, doesn't matter, create it, go to your friends tab, and right click your student, invite to analysis board. They should get a popup inviting them to the board, and you can set things from there. Things like making them a "student" (have to be a premium member), and giving them control of the board, but those are secondary.

Maybe someone who knows for sure what level is required can comment, but that's the method I use successfully.


thank you very much for your reply!  that is EXACTLY what i needed to know :)





Thanks erik! I've been wondering how Kohai spends so much time on but has a low rating, but now I know why!