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Rematch Declined

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    Pretty much, most people give a rematch offer to players they enjoyed playing with. Sounds pretty straight forward.

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    If it's a challenge to you, you get White, you win yet you find your opponent is a worthy opponent, you should NOT accept the challenge unless you intend to offer a rematch.  If you don't have the time for an immediate rematch, you should drop your opponent a note that you're looking forward to challenging him at a later date.

    On the other hand, if the opponent's play indicates his rating is inflated or lucky-to-be-high and he doesn't appear to be able to play a challenging game against you, declining the rematch would be appropriate.  Note that there is no rule that you have to offer a rematch.

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    Icare001 wrote:

    Hi there,


    There a many good enough reasons why one would not want a rematch. Let me give you a few of them:


    _ One is at work, and has to quit playing chess online for a while as some work related task awaits...

    _ One is in the process of simulating a tournament, playing a certain number of various opponents in a row. A rematch would not fit the simulation.

    _ One can expect some casual cheaters to "start the engine" for the rematch, in revenge, or because they suspect you you've win using an engine.

    _ One gets a phone call right at the moment you're asking for a rematch.

    _ One planned on playing "just that game" and go food shopping afterward.

    _ One is tired after that (or these) game(s) and wants to take a break.




    So, take it easy!




    I am often on the losing end of a rematch being requested of me, and I'm sometimes too butt hurt to lose again so I choose not to play 😂

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    having a rematch declined! that's really unsporting, then if they win a second time and refuse another rematch it's even more unsporting, it gets almost intolerable when they win 10 in a row.


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