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Resign after 1st move

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    Both side to make one move is x2.   One move is 13 days x 2 = 26 days per move.   Then suppose at least the game should ended 40 moves x 26 = 1040 days.   One year has 365 days that count 2 years plus 310 days nearly 3 years per one game.   Oh ho it can turn my beard to white.   Yes better is before it continue the game "aborted" is the best answer.


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    Why is a three year game a bad thing?  Think how long mail correspondence games used to take.  That old game hanging around becomes a trusted and reliable friend after the first 10 moves.  

    You can't abort a game for abiding by the time controls. That just seems uncool somehow.  Don't know why - just rubs me the wrong way.

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    keith915 wrote:

    Ok your arguments are technically correct and i appreciate them. I think you'd be fairly annoyed/frustrated though if someone took 3/4days or possibly longer to respond to 1.e4

    No, I simply would create another game.

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    There is no annoyance for me too!   The longer they took to reconsider the game move times they took we produce more better performance of our games, maybe even brilliancy prize from F.J.Marshall (if he still alive) all that he possess canbe rob by our games?   The way we play a game for three years is quite bore and suppose I worry on one side had a serious illness that can cause him lose before he die?   johnny48


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