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    This is the worst chess website ever created on earth.

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    THE COMPUTERS ARE PROGRAMED TO WIN at any cost i played the easy form and it acted as though it was the impossible computer it's a sham. 

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    fair_play_policy wrote:

    THE COMPUTERS ARE PROGRAMED TO WIN at any cost i played the easy form and it acted as though it was the impossible computer it's a sham. 

    You need to organize a protest!

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    Maybe he just lacks chess skills.

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    17rileyc wrote:

    Maybe he just lacks chess skills.

    Funny that you should mention the name of my favorite chess site:

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    I used to like a lot. 

    I had to stay in hospital for about half a year.  There I found ample of free time to play chess again -- something which I had not done at all in the last 15 years or so.  Eventually I surfed into

    I liked the video lessons, the tactics trainer, the chess mentor, the opening database, and, of course, its community.  Live chess and chess engines helped to improve my game a lot.  I recommended the site to a couple of my friends and shared's Facebook posts. 

    I thought that someone had really invested a lot of time, love and effort into the site, and, to give something back, eventually signed up for an annual diamond membership, costing about $100.00.  That way I would also get unlimited access to the videos and the chess mentor, promised. 

    Everything was fine, when, after a few months, I suddenly could not log in anymore.  I contacted support and a lady told me in one line that my account had been locked.  She linked to some rules which, besides some other dos and don'ts, stated that the use of computer programs during live games would not be allowed. 

    I thought that this must be the problem, because I really did use engines at times to analyze crucial positions (checking whether there is possibly a better move than the variant I am playing), as well as opening databases (to improve my opening skills, which are hardly existant). This really helped to improve my game. 

    Meanwhile I get the impression that it is pretty much self-evident to regular online players that one must not use such tools during live games, but to me, back then, it wasn't.  

    I had not played chess at all for about 15 years, least of all online.  I thought that since it cannot be controlled anyway whether a player looks up a move in an opening book or types it into a computer, it would be rather irrelevant.  Done by everyone at times, to the advantage of everyone's strength and play, and no harm done.  Certainly, I could have read the rules -- mea culpa -- but then again, who really does?  

    Anyway, so I replied to support that I, indeed, did make use of engines and of opening book at times.  I explained that it helped to improve my game and that I was not aware that it is such a big deal.  I offered that they are welcome to reset my rating scores, which would have no relevance to me anyway.  

    But since I had paid for 12 months in advance, I would appreciate it if my account could be unlocked, so that I have access to the videos and the chess mentor again (services which are a part of the treaty between me and 

    I did not receive a reply.  Over the next weeks, I wrote two, three times again, and still have not received a reply.  My account is still locked.  A substitute account was not offered.  Nor did I receive a refund for the services for which I paid for months in advance but which I cannot use. 

    I do not think that these proceedings by are okay, to say the least.  Nor are they necessary.  As far as I am concerned, simply pointing me to the rules would have sufficed.  Maybe this is read by one of the elders and we can still find a solution. 

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    This site is for morons & the admins are idiots. Anyone can make a better site while sleeping.

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    Where's yours?

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    MrPantz servers are junk when a premove takes 5-10 seconds off your clock. Also does not work well in any browser the board sizing is odd and non-ajustable you only get 2 options in sizes.

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