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    intermediatedinoz wrote:

    we can't even close the account we have

    yes you can

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    Nay Lass,sure i am still  on it--V2 i mean--verry happy with it--& i shall keep using it as long as is possible---

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    I am now less likely to renew subscription

    The analysis moves are no longer listed one move per line

    If you make what you tentatively think is the best move, you can't leave that position there while you go to the analysis board. You have to cancel the move first.


    When you hit the return icon during analysis you used to go back to your most recent effort; now you go back to your first effort every time, so you might forget what first response turned out to be best in the longer term.

    While playing you can see the line of pieces the opponent has taken, but to see the pieces you have taken, you need to scroll down. These should be just one under the other.

    When you go to the list of games in progress, you no longer see a snapshot of all your games at once.


    Arbitrary name changes, without care as to what the words mean in English. Correspondence Chess is now called Daily Chess even though that means once a day, which in fact is not the only option. Teams are now called clubs. Going with standard definitions, teams compete against each other. Clubs play among themselves and sometimes some of their members form a team to represent the club.




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    Okay today I just watched the chess.com/classic v3 video and it is quite good. they have arranged things to look like V2 and anyone  that is really having a hard time switching over<as i have> will definitely want to check it out.

    go to www.chess.com/classic.


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    When v2 ceases to function, I'll miss the never ending snow storm on my homepage.

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    I still end up back here. I just like it better. 

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    Ive looked at that video too, feel more reassured , but will stick with V2 until the end because its easier for me, have enough challenges in life without inviting more.......until I have to.

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    Amen petitbonom!

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    i have to back to V2 to get my dog and family pics

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    I bounce back and forth. Now im on V3. It just depends on the day and where my browser takes me. but yes, making some of it similar to V2 definitely has helped.

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    v3 is so patronising, especially with all these childish gimmicks (really? An electric buzzer when I accidentally make an illegal move?) 

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    The use of Explorer on V2 has stopped, another brick in the wall.

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    We don't need no v3 nation

    We don't no v3 bull

    HEY ERIK: Leave this site alone! 

    All in all it's just another brick in the wall

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    ....... it isn’t so .............. just saying.

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