Tactics Trainer - extra graphs


The tactics trainer is quite nice... auctually it's why this site has become so pupular BUT anywho i think implementing extra graphs into the tactics trainer home page, so instead of just seeing how i've been improving over the past month or 7 days i can also view:

  • What time of day am i scoring higher?
  • What time of days does it take me longest to decide?
  • Endgame, Openings, discovered checkmates etc... all in graphs of sucess when encountering a problem under that category

Afterall chess can be thought of as the original brain trainer... and it's interesting to note all these things, indeed... you'll hopefully find the weak link in the chain so to speak regarding personal chess ability.

But yeah, i think it would be cool if the tactics trainer, if it's possible, had extra info showing you how balanced you are between discovered checkmates, endgame, opening moves, midgame etc... and how you've improved in those areas.

This would be a really cool feature, because you could see these graphs changing (for the better) more overtime so it would be a great confidence boost if not extremely helpfull figuring out what one should be devoting their chess time looking into.


Chessmentor has more stats--http://www.chess.com/chessmentor/stats.html

but you have to pay to use that


This is actually a great idea... the added analysis would be quite helpful.