Tactics Trainer Time Change


The new Tactics Trainer 24 hour rolling time system needs to be repealed. With enough support (from paying customers) maybe the powers that be will see that this change is not user friendly. Comments?


All I can do is agree. I don't understand what was wrong with the method previously implemented. I'm sure the main motive is to increase subscriptions, but still, there's plenty limits, as is.


The problem was that users who live far away from the Pacific Time Zone found the point of refresh arbitrary/unfair. As it stands, the 24-hour rolling method isn't great either, and we're going to be changing it ASAP. We hope to have daily tactics quotas that refresh at midnight (locally) for all users *very* soon.


Would like this feature as well.


Pretty sure the 24 hour reset starts at midnight of the member's local time now.