Time disappears in live chess


I've started to see a strange phenomenon where big chunks of my time disappear when it's not my turn in live chess -- not ticking down second by second, but large chunks (like 20-30 seconds worth) just disappear and it isn't even my turn. A few times I've even "run out of time" although it wasn't my turn and I had plenty of time left when I completed my last move.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it possibly related to a network issue (I'm on a new network since I've seen this start happening).


I believe it's a network issue...same thing happens to me...there's a red/yellow/green bar that's usually next to your name and if it's red it means that you have a laggy connection...so when your opponent moves there can be a significant delay until your computer receives that message..causing you to lose some time. 

If you don't want to risk losing on time standard chess (30 minute) or 15/10 minute games are better! (You'll lost 25% of your time in bullet lol)


Thanks. The strange thing is the indicator is solid green!


Then I'm not sure...if it' s not your network you shouldn't be having issues! Perhaps your computer is a bit old? Try playing on a different network and seeing what would happen. 


Strangely, if I play through my VPN it does a lot better even though the VPN slows the connection down. :)


What internet browser are you using. Personally recommend Firefox or Chrome. Also, do not load up too many videos while playing. It causes extra lag.


I'm losing 6 minute chunks on a great connection, often when one move from winning.  This has to be cheating.


Whoa. 6 posts of banned members... lol