G'day all,

Is it possible to reset your timeout percentage?? I have a timeout % of 6%, which occured before I was a paid member of chess.com. Its almost been a year since I have been a paid member and my timeout % will be there for good.......Is there anyway it can be reset after a period of time (for paid members only I suppose)? 


even i want to reset the time outs

i have timeouts as high as 20%. my registration for some of the tournaments has been rejected because it should be below 10%


That would be historical revisionism.

Your current 22 timeouts will remain but if there are no more the percentage will decrease and at the current 6% it probably does not cause you many problems.

If it disturbs you though, cancel your premium membership subscription. You will remain premium for the period for which you have paid.

You can only have one account.

"Only One Account

Members may only have ONE Chess.com account. Members who create more than one account may have all accounts closed."

Once the period you have paid for ends and you go back to being a basic member close your account and rejoin with a different userid.

Creating a new account is discouraged by the site.