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TVEDAS's livestream!

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    Hey guys, 


    I plan on doing some live streaming here and there, mostly of my blitz/bullet sessions on Chess.com 


    About to start a first test run in some 5 minutes :) 


    If you want to chat with me during the stream or follow the channel to get notifications of when it goes live, you will probably have to create an account.. but then you can request me to play specific openings or what not :) more interactive - more fun for everyone! 


    I created a thread so that I can let people know that the stream is going live - if such things are not allowed, feel free to delete it.  


    If you view the stream and have any suggestions on how I can improve it (audio/video, content, etc.), PLEASE let me know!


    The linky: http://www.twitch.tv/tvedas



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    The stream is now over, thank you for those who have tuned in! It was a lot of fun :) 

    If mods allow this thread to stay open, I shall update it every time I am streaming. 

    Till the next time!

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    Hey guys, the stream is now ON. 

    If you'd like to talk to me during the stream, you will have to create an account in order to be able to chat. OR you can post here. But I will be reading chat constantly, while this I will only be checking sporadically :) 


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