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upside-down US flag?

  • #1

    Is anyone else getting an upside-down US flag to the right of the URL, instead of a green pawn (chess.com logo)?  It went away when I went to "Help & Support," but came back when I went into "Learn" and "Book Openings."  What's this about?

  • #2

    not me.

  • #3

    probably ilikeflags fooling around again.

  • #4

    I see a pawn... but I'm curious, would the flag seem right side up to me, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere?

  • #5

    Normal chess.com favicon (green pawn) for me... and I checked the pages you mentioned above.

  • #6

    an upside down US flag is a symbol of distress...I see a green pawn from here, but I feel you...

  • #7

    have i ever told you guys how much i like flags?

  • #8

    That would be badass if our flag had to use both sides of the pole (or if it were technically feasible to create such a flag)


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