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    Even without vacation, that's not particularly long for 26 moves of a 7 day/move game. If both players had used all their time and never used any vacation, that would have taken a year.

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    DCasperS11 wrote:


    I've been playing a certain "member" since April of 2011 -- the same game.  This player seems to be perpetually on vacation, although I see that he is playing other games.  He is a diamond member, so how does this work?  Thank you.

    Premium members do not have to make a move in all games before they pause again. When he returns it is his move in those more urgent games so he plays then pauses again ... repeat ... repeat ... finally your game becomes most urgent.

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    Thank you for your replies today.  The selection of 7 days per move was an oversight on my part.  I've learned my lesson and have since paid better attention to that detail.


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