Well, I am pretty disappointed in some Chess.com players!

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    Welcome to the internet!

    It's the same thing at any site, trust me.

    Bunch of twelve-year-old brats, shooting their mouths off, because they not within striking distance of you.

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    Thunder_Penguin wrote:
    raycoach wrote:

    Hi all,

    I joined chess.com yesterday. I coach kids and I wondered if this was a site I could recommend to them. I haven't played for a while but I am 2149 FIDE, so I know the moves.

    Anyway, played a game and won and my opponent went into this long rambling argument that I was cheating using a computer. I shrug it off, then play a couple more games. I get 2 private messages below from another user So, are many players on Chess.com such bad losers? I can't honestly recommend this site to the kids I teach if this is the sort of nonsense that goes on. What do the mods do about it?

    As I say, I am very new here (1 day only) so I would be grateful for views.

    Honestly, I've been on this site for about 3 years, and I only met 1 person like that...

    Thats cos everyone thinks... CM stands for...

    Chess.com Maker.

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