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What is heck is happening with the time?

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    Has anyone else been experiencing issues with the timers?

    I played a couple of 1/0 games where after 10 moves or so, my opponents time was still at 1 minute, whereas mine was ~45 seconds.

    In a recent 3/0 game, my opponents time was down to around ~42 seconds. I moved... he paused for about 10 seconds, there was a lag for a second, and his clock jumped to ~1:03.

    In a couple of other 1/0 and 2/0 recent games, my clock would keep ticking down, whereas the opponents would gain 1-2 seconds after each move.


    And yes, after noticing these things, I double checked the time settings on each of these games to make sure. However, that still wouldnt explain a 20 second change.

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    That doesnt explain my opponents clock still being at 1:00, in a 1/0 after 9-11 moves.

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    your opponents have not been losing time because they have premove. When used in live chess the player does not lose any time, not even 0.1 seconds (unless their clock is already at 0.1 secs meaning that most of the time the premove doesn't really work and they lose the game)

    whereas the gaining 1-2 seconds each move in 1-0...that is also because they are using premove but are lagging too.


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