what's Duo's Elo?


That is tough, I have done that before but there isn't much you can do about it unfortunately. Not to my knowledge anyway


another mittens situation he is sometimes good and sometimes bad or they just used mittens code and changed the name and pfp


I don't think he is as good as mittens as Mittens could even beat GMs but it seems like Angry Duo can be defeated consistently if you are 2000+ elo


I think that he's probably about 2100-2300 without a language opening, but like 2800 to even 3000 with a language opening, I put duo against the maximum engine with the french opening, duo playing as white, and duo drew the game with the maximum engine


I don't think it is that strong as I wouldn't be able to beat him when using a language opening if he was 2800 to 3000 and even if he was 2100 to 2300, it would be a lot more difficult to beat him than it is right now


i think its quite obvious he's an adaptive bot, so if you put him against Stockfish he becomes stronger. I beat him First Time i played, so i think its around 1800 with 1600-2000 range play... If you play quite and for material its not so hard to beat.

Have a nice games!! Cheers

I lost to him with only a king left

all i know is im 500 elo and can beat a 1300 elo bot but Duo beat me very quickly so he is probably a 1500 to 1700 elo... bro is scary.