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who's been peeking?

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    I can just imagine how much arguing and back & forth spitefulness & hateful forum posts this feature would start! There are a lot of cranks as it is on the site. Giving them ammunition against someone they have a grudge against would only be bad news.

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    Agree that there are grudge bearing cranks on chess.com. However, we won't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Cranks can be managed by tools available to members already. The feature has excellent potential to encourage greater participation in the life of chess .com by many more members. The idea is being discussed in this thread and many helpful comments have already been made. The end result promises to be very worthwhile.

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    This baby pooped in the bathwater. Best just not.

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    This is Chess.com!

    Take 3. 1 would take the baby, the other bath water and last one the tub.

    Now what are going to do?

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    you tell me, cause I don't get DrSpudnik's meaning?

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    landwehr wrote:

    you tell me, cause I don't get DrSpudnik's meaning?

    Have you visited peekshow/landwehr.com. This guy has photoshop pics of him peeking at your profile. It is running 24hrs a day at a cheap rate of 50 cents / hour. It is sick! We can see all your blunders man. Clean up!!!!!

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    I have seen far more than you thought I ever would

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    peek-a-boo! Surprised

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    and I am not the butler

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    DrSpudnik wrote:


    And my Queen yelled out.

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    royalbishop wrote:

    peeking suggest pervert

    who's been peeking? Who are the pervs here?


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