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Why does chess.com give such extraordinary control over the thread to the OP?

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    George_Jetson5 still appears as a chess.com member.  As I remember he wasn't a very good player so I doubt he got banned for cheating. 

    In any event, I DID NOT delete his posts.  I think it is completely rotten that his posts got deleted and I am very suspicious of how this happened. 

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    If he's still here, but his posts don't show, he's been muzzled.

    In other words, c.c thought he was a bad boy, so they took away his posting priviledges for however long. His posts will reappear when (if) the muzzle is taken off.

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    chiaroscuro62  nobody has accused you of deleting his posts. However, you were very accusatory of me and still makes statements such as "I am very suspicious of how this happened."  At this point you should admit you were wrong and give me an apology.

    [not that I ever think you would do such a thing as to admit you were wrong and give an apology]

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    What kind of aggressive rhetoric is that?  You are right - I will never apologize to you. 

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    The ability to be able to admit you are wrong is something most reasonable people have. I have admitted I was wrong on certain things in several posts.

    Being wrong is no big deal. However being wrong and accusatory of someone else is not cool.

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    I guess I'll be not cool.  You wouldn't believe some of the things I do that you would consider uncool.

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    Apparently I was right about you Prof. Although I haven't seen much of you on these forums, you are pretty strongly convinced about how they should be run.

    I don't hide anything, I put my opinions out there, and expect that right for everyone else. You are the one who wants to hide posts you don't like.

    I think everyone has a right to be heard. If they abuse that privilege, then there are various ways to deal with it- confront them, mock them, ignore them, or call on staff if it really gets out of hand. But making every OP a mall cop isn't much of a solution.

    It's funny that you say you don't want to run to nanny, but what you really want is to be the nanny.

    bean_Fischer a écrit :
    TetsuoShima wrote:

    a woman who who used to be my girlfriend

    Find another.

    That's why she's his ex now.

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    Irontiger wrote:
    chiaroscuro62 wrote:

    I don't know.  Maybe he deleted all his own posts.

    Neither you nor the OP can delete your posts. All you can do is edit them to leave a "comment deleted" placeholder instead (to avoid screwing up the numbering I guess ?).

    The only way to delete your posts is to close your account, and it deletes all your posts.

    The mods can (and have in the past) close the forum part of an account and all corresponding posts disappear at least until the ban is lifted. I am not sure whether they can delete selectively the posts (they can delete whole threads though).

    He could be muzzled.


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