Why doesn't every team match end in a draw?


Oh.  I see.  You don't respond until he responds on the other board with the opposite color. 


There's a short story in which the Devil makes Capablanca play against himself using this trick with Capablanca' soul at stake. Capablanca turns the tables and tricks the devil by arriving at a position where the Devil sees an "obvious" move that "can't lose" and "wins instantly." The Devil can't resist, and instead of waiting for Capablanca to move, he goes ahead and makes the "winning" move. Of course it's a trap and so Capablanca wins both games and keeps his soul.

Cosine wrote:... just stall on one of the boards until your opponent times out.

Yes, as a last resort, this is an option. However, I consider the method I proposed as cheating anyway, because the rules say: "Fixing games results (through intentional loss or multiple accounts) is also cheating." and what I described falls under that rule.


ok well... say you know this is happening. Two day/ move


1.e4 c5


2. nf3 (time starts for him)

2. nf3 (time starts for you)

If you simply wait until the edge of your time, you'd basically force him to make a move before you do. Voiding this whole plan. Correct?


nm alreaday posted, didn't read this page before  :-p


Game 1: e4

Game 2(where you are white)e4

Game 1: 1...?


Game 2: (enemy reply)c5


Game 1(your turn) 1...c5