Why is there a friends list, how can you even befriend someone, am I just too antisocial?

I don't get this feature. I know I'm a sore loser so befriending or rematching if I lose is already impossible. I also have no contact with other chess players unless we play against each other. Personally it's a useless feature. But do you guys actually improve because of friends? Is it just some excuse for some people? Do I even learn something from someone who plays their own openings and stuff if I'm already too stupid to understand a simple instruction? I'm sorry if I sound offensive, English isn't my first language and I don't know how else to describe what's going through my head right now. I just don't understand the benefit of this feature.

People accept friend requests probably more often from interacting in the forums or in clubs. The people with the most friends (excluding streamers, or celebrities) usually are active in the forums and clubs.

I've friended people after playing chess games too, but this is much more rare.



That would make sense, even though the reason for clubs is also beyond my understanding.


most likely exists to play chess with your irl friends more easily