Worth it to upgrade from iPad 1 to iPad Mini?


Hello Chess.com community,

I have an original iPad 1, and am considering upgrading to the iPad mini. Other than being lighter/smaller, how much better is it, performance-wise?

Bonus points for anybody who can compare the Chess.com iPad app between the two!


I have no idea Ozzie but I'll give the topic a push. Maybe someone else has.


Anything is better then the one. One is obsolete now


it depends if you really think you need it. I also thought i need an ipad but now i never use it.


the ipad mini is smaller (obviously), and has the same screen res.

Also, the ipad mini comes with iOS 6, the latest of Apple's iOS line, and the iPad 1 is stuck with iOS 4.

Heres a site with more details.


Oh, and if any tablet will do, not an iDevice, you could check out the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and other Android tablets (those two listed being my favourites).


we will buy your old one at coracove.com




@DaBigOne Yes, I know the Nexus 7 is an awesome device. Unfortunately you can't redeem an Apple Store gift card for one of those!

The update on this thread is that I decided to stay with the iPad 1 for awhile and just sit on the gift card until some later time.