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    squarology wrote:

    haha, thanks, guys. I dropped below 2000 this morning playing a (c)heater. I tried to take some games against him but since I was talking and playing I really didn't have a chance because my level while talking is much lower. at least I beat him once :P

    I sympathize with this.  My effective rating is close to 1800 when talking Tongue Out

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    It looks like the votes are here, then?

    And we can vote multiples?


    IM squarology

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    I agree with Aww-rats,good stuff Squarolgy.Your a funny guy also.Nice 1 mate.

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    I Vote:

    Aww Rats


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    In my opinion, Squarology's videos are the best. They are just plain good.  I have benefit a lot from these videos.  Thanks a lot, Squarology! 

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    Im relevant , helpful and nice so I vote for

    the man


    bolded should count twice

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    I'd be interested!  What program can you use to record a chess game?

    Please advise on that!

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    squarology is hilarious!

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    Bill Definitely has what it takes, you guys would be fools not to hire him.

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    im not being kind, im being truthful.

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    if you really pay attention to exactly how passionate aww rats is about chess, you will pick him. He has always been making videos and has plenty to show you. Voting on this is a sweet concept but popularity is not going to get what it needs. It needs someone that knows what he is doing and can deliver. Aww rats is your man.

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    My vote goes to aww-rats.

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    soundarts wrote:

    I'd be interested!  What program can you use to record a chess game?

    Please advise on that!

    Google "oCam."  It is both the simplest and best program for this purpose. Also 100% free.

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    Great tip - MJ4H - Google "oCam". I'd be hopeless at this, but I tried making a video of my own live game and realized what a great learning tool this could be.

    You can sit there watching your own game shouting from the sidelines "Move your knight to d6!" or 'Don't do that - it's a blunder!" or pretend you're Admiral Ackbar "It's a Trap!"

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    squarology wrote:

    I put up another vid just now:

    I recorded some games this morning but my philological conscience would not allow my parents to hear it. I played a lot today and was just tired. I wasn't explaining anything and my tactics were off! I'll do better.

    I'll record some more tomorrow or Monday.


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