YouTube Tryouts!

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    I'd like to cast a vote for aww-rats as well, assuming I'm allowed more than one vote.

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    Here's my live commentary for Mindsports International.  I thought it would be a visual presentation as well as an audio one, so I wore a nice suit which was unfortunately not shown.  My part of the video starts at the seven hour and forty-five minute mark.  I thought I was able to show off more of my personality in this video, and I certainly would show off more of my personality in the blitz format as I grow with that specific format.

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    +1 for Zibit!

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    Everyone gets dislikes especially when there are comments about thumbing up.

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    squarology wrote:

    thanks, e245 :) edit: and petrosianic! thank you for including me in that list!

    but I've already gotten a dislike for my latest video haha, I thought it was pretty darn good.

    Radiohead has dislikes for their songs.  It's just people with no taste, imo.  Same with your videos.  They're funny and you do learn stuff from them.

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    As a fanboy I have to give my vote to Zibbit. I have been a fan since his first Pattern Recognition video which he did for And I can honestly say no videos have helped me as much as his in my chess improvement.

    The other leading vote-getters each have their merit but to me they simply don't stack up in terms of versatility. Awww-rats has some interesting stuff to talk about but until now I haven't seen any blitz videos vs strong opponents yet which I thought was the main idea of this YouTube stuff. Squarology is pretty good and entertaining but still makes mistakes and doesn't seem to be as good a blitz player although of course doing the commentary could be distracting his chess. Also in terms of FIDE rating Zibbit is beating both these guys it seems to me although that shouldn't be a deciding factor. Also Zibbit seems to be the best candidate in making bullet videos along with the blitz videos.

    I cast my vote for Zibbit and I encourage you to look at both his videos and those he has done in the me you are all missing out if you don't select Zibbit!! And I just want to re-iterate I like the others and I don't want to come off as putting them off but as a fanboy I would get really upset if you don't select Zibbit!

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    Really now squarology. Who can't play blitz, listen to music, read the dictionary, deal with the electric company, check emails, AND juggle 4 flaming torches at the same time? Come on now, you can do it....

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    I'm now a student of squareology...

    Okay, so it's obvious.

    Sorry, everyone else. You guys are also good, but only he can juggle commentary, the dictionary, chess, students, and dragonball.

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