2 pawn 1 king vs 1 king 1 pawn

Ok! I have 2 pawn in a row and opponents’ king is in-front of my 2 pawns so i cant move my pawns any more... my king is in a side of pawn, and its my turn, if i move my king away, opponents’ king will take my one pawn. So is it to be draw? Or someone is wining? Opponent have 1 pawn also & that pawn can move freely, but he put king in-fort of my pawns, cuz he took my bishop with king...
Yes but its about real life game if some one help i think its not bad
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You joined today, and have no ongoing games.  It is also against site rules to ask for help for an ongoing game.

If OP has no ongoing games then presumably he is not asking for help for an ongoing game.

@md4rd A diagram would help. (Click on the quarter size chessboard.)


Most of the time, an extra pawn in a K+P endgame is winning for the side with the extra pawn. There are of course many exceptions to that rule though. The specific position matters.


If the two pawns are on adjacent squares on the same file, blocked immediately in front by the opposing king and defended by their own king to the side of the rearward pawn and the single pawn is not on the same or an adjacent file to the other pawns, then the side with the two pawns will not win.

Whether or not the side with the single pawn will win depends on whether it can be caught by the other side's king.



                                           White to play draws, Black to play wins. 

In this case, with Black to play, when White's king  moves Black will not capture the forward pawn (he can do that later) but carry on moving his pawn towards promotion.


Here is the situation I am talking about,  same as MARattigan mentioned, black to move now!!



Here the back king can catch the white pawn so the position is drawn.

If the white king mistakenly defends his pawn black queens as in the mainline below or if the black king mistakenly defends his rear pawn White queens as in variation 1, but correct play leads to a draw as in variation 2.

 If the white pawn were instead on h5 White should win.