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A Beginner Asks: Is This Winnable?

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    most probabl draw. if black palys smartly, can win.

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    EDB123 wrote:

    BS for its a draw.

    Please post a line where either player wins, with the opponent making the following moves :

    if Black : ...Bb5 first. Then, play any legal moves with the king ; if none is available, play the bishop on any square of the diagonal b5-f1 that is not under attack by White's king, and come back to b5 next move.

    if White : Be3-b6 first, then any legal moves with the king. If none is available, it means the a5 pawn is not under attack (check it) so move the bishop along b6-g1 and back.


    I agree to publicly bow to your skills and change my image picture to whatever you wish it to be if you manage it.

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    Do you have any friends at the NSA?


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