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Advanced Endgame Study

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    I would like to start studying advanced endgame positions and learn more about endgames, is there any good sites or resources that anyone could reccomend to me.

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    The best free way to study endgames is to study the games of top players that made it to the end game.  www.chessgames.com and www.chesslive.de/  both have a large databases, but chessgames might be better for your purpose since it lists the number of moves--not that a certin move number indicates an endgame but this is at least a starting point.

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    i suck at endgames, and havent yet found a website or anything where to learn properly what its all about

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    There's a myth out there that endings are difficult or boring to study. It doesn't have to be that way! A good place to begin are the lessons here:


     The King and Queen Checkmate

    The King and Rook Checkmate

    Pawn Endings 1

    Pawn Endings 2

    Pawn Endings 3

    Queen Endings

    Rook Endings

    Minor Piece Endings

    Endgame Studies


    Afterwards, you'll be ready for a good endgame book such as those by Pandolfini, Seirawan, or Silman. And, of course, check out my blog! You're at the beginning of a long and enjoyable journey. :)

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    The original poster mentioned, "advanced endgame positions". If the above is too basic for you, here are some more advanced options. These assume you know the above!


     1. "Starting Out: Pawn Endings", "Starting Out: Rook Endings", "Starting Out: Minor Piece Endings", and "Starting Out: Practical Endings" make for a nice series of books. They take it slow and cover a wide variety of positions. 


    2. Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual is awesome. Dvoretsky defines an endgame as a position where one side has at most one piece, and within that definition he provides a thorough coverage of practical endings.


    3. Fundamental Chess Endings by Mueller and Lamprecht is also excellent and takes a wider view of endgames. In addition to hitting the material in Dvoretsky, he covers some rare endings (K+N+N vs K+P), as well as complex practical endings such as K+R+N+Ps vs K+R+B+Ps.


    After studying endgame positions and techniques from the above, players turn to Endgame Strategy. Shereshevsky, and Hansen are well-regarded.

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    Thank you for all of your help I will try and take a look at the material you have mentioned... :)

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