Best book


Hi.... i have been studying Seirawan's endings book


However, i find there are not enough puzzle to make it all sink in.

Does anyone know of an excellent endgame puzzle book or computer resource, that covers all the areas?

Or just suggest any book, or resource, that would complements seirawan?


Thanks very much


hi sunny


studying nimowitch.......My System


I really like the Silman book. It is well laid out, and easy to follow.


Bernd Rosen's Chess Endgame Training (published by Gambit) sounds like what you're after, it's a fairly small book (160 pages) of test questions across all topics, which are then explained along with the principles behind them. 


On go to LEARN->COMPUTER WORKOUT. From the "category" pulldown, choose endgame tests that are relevant. You'll have plenty of examples to practice on.

chess & tempo ?