Bishops Endgame

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    I reached this endgame position in a recent tournament game.My Opponent played h4+ and offered my a draw.I refused the draw and continued with  1...Kh5 and after the bad 2.f4 move I had a winning position because I can win the h-pawn and forced the exchange of the bishops by 2...Bf6 3.Bh2 Kxh4 4.f3 Kh3 5.Bg1 Bd4 6.Bf2  Bxf2 7.Kxf2. Then I prepared the creation of a second passed pawn by 8.b5 and my Opponent resigned an I could finish In this under 1500 Tournament with the 3rd Place.






    I wonder if Black can win this position when White plays after 1...Kh5 better moves like 2.Bb8 or 2.Kd3. I think my plan should be to exchange the Bishops and win the isolated  h-pawn and  push the passed pawn . But If the Bishop goes to Bb8 I think I can not force the exchange of the Bishops. I think that this endgame is difficult to win for black. Has someone an idea how I could Improve this position and if Black can win this position ? Undecided

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    Thanks ilmago for your ideas and plans for this endgame. It looks like white can achieve a draw in this endgame position by playing accurately.So I Think, earlier in the game, I should have  brought my pawns to light squares by,a6,b5 and h5. March with my king to the queenside instead of staying to the kingside and play c5-c4 to create a passed c-pawn with the threat to promote. I Think that I have learned a lot from this endgame and I hope that  I am much more prepared for the next bishop endgame of same colour when it occurs in my next tournament game.

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