can you get this move in under 30 seconds? I couldn't and lost

benonidoni wrote:

There are only two correct moves. One is far better for black. Black to move. I sat there in a blitz and couldn't get it. 


For me, I considered only 1...Nc5 and nothing else within 20 seconds. But I know that me being able to spot this and you being unable to spot it is an unfair comparison because for two reasons. One, you have already mentioned that there were only two winning moves (though I only read the title and looked at the position), whereas you would not have known that there were only two winning moves, and the pawns looked indeed scary to a large extent. Two, 30 seconds under great time pressure is very different in feeling from where I am sitting at.


By sitting calmly and looking at the position for 20 seconds, this equates to 30 seconds under time pressure. I would have made the correct position but would also have lost on time the next move.

AdhirajGM2024 wrote:

b6 wins easily


It's Black to move and Black to win.


Nd6 pxc6 Nc8 and Black will prevail


Trying to find out if 1...Nd6 is better, or worse than 1...Nc5 is pretty pointless.